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The Use Of Blasting And Sand Blasting Process In Multiple Industries

Few industrial processes have a widespread application in multiple industries. Same is the case with blasting and sandblasting. These processes are used for a different purpose depending upon their usage in the process of production. Usually, the blasting process is not a direct part of the production process but its application is important for the final output. The sandblasting is one of the most popular and old methods for metal treatment. The different industries have a different application for the blasting process, especially the industries which products are usually made of metal like aviation, automobile, locomotive etc. They have a higher application of sandblasting. 

Here we will be seeing the application of blasting and sandblasting in various industries, how this process is used to get the final output.

  • Shipping industries

The industrial sand blasting is common to prepare the metal surface or sheets before painting. This process can be used for new ships or even repainting of the old one. 

  • Automobile

Sandblasting have extremely high application in the automobile industry. This process if sued for cleaning for components like the gearbox, connecting rods etc. Then before painting any component of car or truck, the sandblasting will be used to prepare the surface for the paint job. Even it is also used to prepare and clean the surface of tyres before painting. 

  • Aviation

Same as the shipping industry, the most common use of sandblasting in aviation is for paint removal or at the time of new paint job. 

  • Bicycle and Motor Cycle manufacturing:

In this industry, the frame of the bicycle or motorcycle is made of metal. Before preparing it for paint, the sandblasting will be used for surface preparation. 

There are also tons of other industries, that have sandblasting application in their process. The importance of the sandblasting technique in your production process when you think the following situation will arise;

  • There are many industries where they need to restore their old equipment that has been redundant due to rust. In this scenario, the sandblasting is the great technique for removal of rust and restoration of equipment
  • It is ideal for preparing the surfaces that need paint. Because it removes any grit and other elements from the surface area. This help to keep the surface smooth and make paint job easy
  • Removal of toxic and nontoxic waste. There are many surfaces especially metallic that can reside toxic or hazardous material on them. The sandblasting technique is helpful in the removal and cleaning the surface till the micro-level, that is not possible with manual labour

This is a perfect technique for preparing and cleaning the surface, instead of doing with by hand. Because that will require a lot of labour and time, whereas, with the help of sandblasting, it can be done in minutes. Visit here